What Classes are Required?

Most medical schools have the same basic requirements for the classes you need to take to be accepted. Generally, you will need to take:

  • One year of general chemistry (with lab)
  • One year of organic chemistry (with lab)
  • One year of physics (with lab)
  • One year of biology (with lab)

Classes such as genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, and physiology are highly recommended because concepts from those classes will show up on the MCAT. Other classes such as anatomy and histology are recommended because they will be very helpful for you once you are actually in medical school.

One important thing to keep an eye out for is extra class requirements at certain medical schools. Some schools require a semester of biochemistry, while it is just recommended at other schools. Statistics and calculus are other classes that may be required at some schools but not at others.

Once you have an idea of the schools you may want to apply to it is a good idea to get on their website and find out exactly which classes are required for matriculation. This will help avoid taking difficult classes such as calculus if it isn’t required for the schools you want to attend (less and less schools require calculus these days).

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